Lecturers: 謝邁思 Max Schäfer.

This lecture aims to provide students with the logical background knowledge needed to understand and appreciate the other lectures. We will cover propositional and first-order classical logic, both from a semantic perspective and in the context of sequent calculus. Time permitting we will also take a brief look at logic programming in Datalog.

Course Materials

There are several typos in the printed version of the lecture notes which have been corrected in the online version. Section 7 has been rewritten entirely, a handout of the new version will be provided in class.




Day 1. Propositional Logic

  • Syntax and semantics of classical propositional logic
  • The calculational approach to logic

Day 2. First-order logic

  • Syntax and semantics of classical first-order logic
  • Sequent calculus

Day 3. Beyond first-order logic

  • First-order arithmetic
  • Compactness and limits of first-order logic


  • Dirk van Dalen: Logic and Structure
  • Roland Backhouse: Program Construction
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