Deductive Program Verification

Lecturer: Yih-Kuen Tsay 蔡益坤

This module introduces the students to the basics of how correctness of a program can be expressed and how it can be proven with a logic system.


The student must have taken a Computer Programming course and a Discrete Mathematics course, or their equivalences.


  • Hoare logic (I): axiomatic semantics and program correctness — assertions, pre and post-conditions, proof rules, invariants, program annotation, rank functions, termination, nondeterminism
  • Hoare logic (II): procedures and concurrency — non-recursive procedures, recursive procedures, concurrent programs, Owicki-Gries method, proof outlines, intereference freedom, auxiliary variables
  • Temporal verification of reactive systems — fair transition systems, linear temporal logic, safety, liveness
  • Program verification with the Spec# tool

Course Materials

  • Predicate transformers (supplementary): slides


Hoare Logic

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Temporal Verification

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