Boolean Satisfiability Algorithms

Instructor: Chung-Yang (Ric) Huang / Design Verification Lab, GIEE, NTU

This lecture covers the algorithms and applications of the Boolean Satisfiability (SAT) problem.


Elementary Switching Circuit and Logic Theories


  • Overview of Hardware Verification
  • Assertion-Based Verification
  • Boolean Satisfiability (SAT) Algorithms
    1. Logic Implication and its Applications
    2. DPLL Decision Procedure
    3. Conflict-Driven Learning and Non-Chronological Backtracking
    4. Decision ordering / Restart
    5. Various learning techniques
  • SAT-Based Verification
    1. Bounded and Unbounded Modeling Checking
    2. Interpolation Technique
  • Future Research Directions

Course Materials

Homework Assignment


Introduction to modern SAT solvers

  • Lintao Zhang and Sharad Malik. The Quest for Efficient Boolean Satisfiability Solvers, in Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Computer Aided Verification, pp. 17 – 36, 2002.

Boolean SAT Solvers

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