Instructor: Max Schaefer

This lecture aims to provide students with the logical background knowledge needed to understand and appreciate the other lectures.




  • Classical logic (propositional, first order) and its semantics
  • Intuitionistic logic (propositional, first order), natural deduction, basic proof theory
  • Equational logic, first order logic with equality, basic model theory

Course Materials

  1. First Lecture (July 2): slides, handout,homework, solutions
  2. Second Lecture (July 3): slides, handout, homework, solutions
  3. Third Lecture (July 9): slides, handout, homework, solutions
  4. Exam (July 13): problems, solutions

Here are some supplementary exercises to be discussed after class on July 11.


You can use NJEdit to construct derivations in natural deduction. Currently, NJEdit is only tested with Firefox, Opera, and Safari; it does not work with Internet Explorer, as demonstrated during the tutorial.


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