• Simulation with guaranteed accuracy using hybrid system modeling language HydLa
    • Presenter: Kakeru Sakuraba
    • Authors: Kakeru Sakuraba, Kazunori Ueda, Hiroshi Hosobe, Shun Shibuya, Shouta Matsumoto
  • Type-Based Analysis of Safe Resource Deallocation for Shared-Memory Concurrency
    • Presenter: Ryota Fukuda
    • Authors: Ryota Fukuda, Kohei Suenaga and Atsushi Igarashi
  • Programming with Infinitesimals: A While-Language for Hybrid System Modeling
    • Presenter: Kohei Suenaga
    • Authors: Kohei Suenaga and Ichiro Hasuo
  • Solving the Dutch National Flag Problem via Datatype Ornamentation
    • Presenter: Hsiang-Shang Ko
  • Towards Incremental Resource Usage Analysis
    • Presenter: Germán Puebla
    • Authors: Elvira Albert, Jesús Correas, Germán Puebla and Guillermo Roman-Diez
  • A Modular Approach to Diagram Transformation via Dependently-Typed Programming using the RATH Agda Libraries
    • Presenter: Wolfram Kahl (sole author)
  • HyperLMNtal: An Extension of a Hierarchical Graph Rewriting Model
    • Presenter: Manabu Meguro
    • Authors: Manabu Meguro, Seiji Ogawa and Kazunori Ueda
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