Accepted Papers

  • Thao Dang and Thomas Martin Gawlitza. Time Elapse over Template Polyhedra in Polynomial Time through Max-Strategy Iteration
  • David Monniaux and Martin Bodin. Modular Abstractions of Reactive Nodes using Disjunctive Invariants
  • Elvira Albert, Puri Arenas, Samir Genaim, Miguel Gomez-Zamalloa and German Puebla. Cost Analysis of Concurrent OO Programs
  • Benoit Boissinot, Florian Brandner, Alain Darte, Benoit Dupont De Dinechin and Fabrice Rastello. A Non-Iterative Data-Flow Algorithm for Computing Liveness Sets in Strict SSA Programs
  • Dmitriy Traytel, Stefan Berghofer and Tobias Nipkow. Extending Hindley-Milner Type Inference with Coercive Subtyping
  • Patrick Baillot. Elementary linear logic revisited for polynomial time and an exponential time hierarchy
  • Zhen Cao, Yuan Dong and Shengyuan Wang. Compiler Backend Generation for Application Specific Instruction Set Processors
  • Akimasa Morihata. Macro Tree Transformations of Linear Size Increase Achieve Cost-optimal Parallelism
  • Jade Alglave, Daniel Kroening, John Lugton, Vincent Nimal and Michael Tautschnig. Soundness of Data Flow Analyses for Weak Memory Models
  • Yulei Sui, Sen Ye, Jingling Xue and Pen-Chung Yew. SPAS: Scalable Path-Sensitive Pointer Analysis on Full-Sparse SSA
  • Keiko Nakata, Tarmo Uustalu and Marc Bezem. A Proof Pearl with the Fan Theorem and Bar Induction: Walking through Infinite Trees with Mixed Induction and Coinduction
  • Ulrich Schoepp. Computation-by-Interaction with Effects
  • Ashutosh Gupta, Corneliu Popeea and Andrey Rybalchenko. Solving Recursion-Free Horn Clauses over LI+UIF
  • Hakjoo Oh and Kwangkeun Yi. Access-based Localization with Bypassing
  • Yun-Yan Chi and Shin-Cheng Mu. Constructing List Homomorphisms from Proofs
  • Jonas Magazinius, Aslan Askarov and Andrei Sabelfeld. Decentralized Delimited Release
  • Filippo Bonchi, Fabio Gadducci and Giacoma Monreale. Towards A General Theory of Barbs, Contexts and Labels
  • Lukasz Fronc and Franck Pommereau. Towards a Certified Petri Net Model-Checker
  • Fernando Saenz-Perez. A Deductive Database with Datalog and SQL Query Languages (Tool Paper)
  • Yuichiro Kokaji and Yukiyoshi Kameyama. Polymorphic Multi-Stage Language with Control Effects
  • Ana Milanova and Wei Huang. Static Object Race Detection
  • Alexander Malkis and Laurent Mauborgne. On the Strength of Owicki-Gries for Resources
  • Casey Klein, Jay Mccarthy, Steven Jaconette and Robert Bruce Findler. A Semantics for Context-Sensitive Reduction Semantics
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